The right price joins the price ethic

in Sep 06, 2019

How to imagine selling a service without negotiating with the buyer? Since this is the rule that governs all commerce.
But selling creation, ideas, design and advice is like trying to sell products before they exist …
Ideas are born to solve specific problem; they are not yet on sale with labels. It is complicated…
Some imagine price grids based on time spent on achievements. They think that it is measurable and that it justifies the prices they propose. Except that it is not quite true, certainly they justify the price part which concerns the realization of the creative concepts, but neither the idea, nor the quality of the realization do not appear in the calculations… Why? It is however the idea at the beginning which is at the base of any realization. It is also the quality that seduces and sells. So, there is a problem …

The martingale of the universal single price does not exist. It is paradoxical, however, since trade is international. Currencies are traded around the world at different rates depending on the country. Let’s do the same with ideas, creation and design.

In design and even more in global design, to offer fair prices, we must first take into account the geographic location from which emanates the demand of a customer and its communication budget that is not the same everywhere in the world for the same need. You have to know how to adapt to the standard of living of everyone to be able to work with everyone.

Internationally, in addition to the cultural diversity to be taken into account, this difference in purchasing power between industrialized and emerging countries is even more marked. It is therefore necessary that creators recognize the reality of the world today when their ideas no longer border and they sell in a market now open to the world. With this, Le Design Room sees bigger and further by passion for the job. This is a reason that motivates us with the quality of the projects that are submitted to us and that we choose in the same way that our customers choose us.

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