The process of creative thinking

The process of creative thinking

in Sep 06, 2019

Attempting to explain the process of creative thinking is a real challenge as the approach depends on a bundle of disparate elements, with infinite contours:
imagination, curiosity, sensitivity and personal history… It can be understood if one refers to psychology whose field of study is essentially oriented towards communication between individuals, but also towards the analysis of exchanges within the same person. These internal exchanges reveal three different personalities, The Child State, The Parent State and The Adult State, which are superimposed and communicate with each other.

The Child State It’s imagination and creativity without restraint. This state embodies the spontaneity and creative energy of childhood. The graphic designer must know how to open the doors of his imagination with perpetual listening to his inner child. What do I want or not want? What I feel, to give life to new and imaginative solutions by understanding the needs, sensations and emotions existing in a client. The Parent State is the Learned, the respect of Values and Norms. Every parent offers his experience and proposes a model of identity construction: he protects, reassures and encourages. For me, the Parent State of the designer meets with the client: he understands the specificity and personality of a company, sets goals, sometimes imposing constraints to develop each project. The Adult State it’s Analysis, Reasoning and Decision-making. Making the right choices, reasoning, deciding and taking full responsibility for one’s actions are also essential principles for creation.

A communication professional has a duty of rigor to perform, respect of specifications, cost and delivery times. What are my means, my possibilities? He must not just talk and be nice, but he must above all talk and do right. The “skilled” professional must listen to these three states and move from one to the other according to the needs of his thinking.

This inner relationship is the one I build in my profession, over the days, accompanying the realization of each project with an absolute implication. Surprise, seduce, convince, take the side roads, avoid the beaten track, it summarizes my philosophy of creation. The most constant state in my profession is always that of passion: for me to communicate, it is to touch, at the same time, the heart and the reason.
It is to do the job with my client as my collaborator, a partner with whom I feel empathic. It is with pride that I can say that these years in Le Design Room I have the perception of a certain duty accomplished towards my customers and towards myself.

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