I invite you to discover our achievements that reflect a talent,
audacity and a creative enthusiasm.

About me

It was in Paris that I started my professional career.
I first worked in advertising, then as creative director in prestigious design agencies before creating my own communication company.
My partnership with IBM had allowed me to integrate innovative notions of e-business and to measure the performance of remote work. This experience is at the origin of the creation of Le Design Room. …
Also, a person is not defined solely by his career.
I spent my youth surfing. … My first job was as a lifeguard in Hossegor. That allowed me to finance my travels around the world in search of the perfect wave. When the right moment came, we had to take another wave, the one that leads to professional life.
It was in Paris that I discovered that Graphic Design would become my new passion. I had finally found the Grail that was well worth all the surfs of the world since the perfect wave does not exist.
So, everything accelerated and I was able to create my first design agency in Paris.
At age 38, when everything seemed to be accomplished, I thought that it would certainly be possible to work differently with the Internet, because this new technology gave us the means to do better at a distance and in better conditions. But it was necessary to rethink and modify all the traditional organization of work that was going to be accomplished from Hossegor on the Internet. My employees then became independent online collaborators, while allowing me to develop new local customers in Aquitaine. It worked. …
What matters today is to have somehow sprocket on the Web with a network of competent co-workers. No more need to be locked in an office in Paris to satisfy my clients by the quality of the work I had accustomed them.
About 4 years ago I was interested in the countries of Southeast Asia. Why not go take a look? If the organization of the design room operated in the South-West region at 800 km from Paris, why it would not work at 10,000 km from France? 11.100 km exactly. So, I chose to settle in the Philippines because I am happy, while continuing to develop Le Design Room. …
Today my network of collaborators is ready to take up all the creative challenges whatever the new communication needs everywhere in the world. It’s doing global design.