At the base of any design there is a style, and the style is the man

in Sep 06, 2019

During a concert recently devoted to young artists, the organizer presenting his latest discovery, a Russian pianist.
He said that having seen him waiting for the draw of the candidates for the Scriabin contest, he had immediately foreseen that he would be the winner, and that he was not mistaken.
The personality of this artist was indeed so strong, that it was shown on his face. And to explain that to make an artist, talent is not enough, it must be underpinned by a conviction powerful enough to manifest itself in all the circumstances of life.
Well, this kind of intuition I had since my first meeting with Jean-Marc Brisard. I was then in charge of BNP advertising and I was in charge of the visual identity of the bank. One day, I saw a young creative worker in my office who came to me to present the draft book of standards. This young man, at once curious and attentive, reactive to the second, was imposing himself by a real presence. I learned soon that he had long hesitated between surfing and design. To think about it, both require an acute perception of sensations that is immediately transformed into action, looking for the necessary line for the harmony of the design or the trajectory that optimizes the momentum of the wave. In the field of design, this intuitive perception of situations and solutions naturally imposed itself on me.
Later, I had the joy of collaborating with Jean-Marc by writing some strategic recommendations, explanatory notes of the philosophy of a graphic charter…
Jean-Marc’s briefs were usually…brief. From his concise indications, from an image, could be born a text of several pages, generally satisfactory.
In spite of the natural tendency of their author to attribute this success to his intelligence, it is necessary to recognize that it was above all due to the evidence of the proposed solutions, the strength of conviction and the passion of the designer.
Is it any wonder that he has gathered around him strong temperaments always having this sensitivity to the thousand nuances that make the originality of a company, this ability to translate them into graphics…
“Who are alike …”
I think of Eric Palliet, whose spirit of geometry combines with the spirit of finesse, Cédric Tarnaud whose sensitivity is expressed today in pure graphics…Peter Jeffs and Natacha Hennocq…
To present a “book”, why so much talk about men and so little design?
At the base of any design there is a style, and the style is the man.

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