With the almost immediate globalization of information and communication,
creative thinking and workspace evolve without geographical limits.

Strategy Consulting

We contribute in developing the communication plan of all entities who wish to better satisfy the actual needs of their targets. No methodology is neutral, everything is a answer to a need.

Global Design

It must be at the service of the local market, the individuality of people and the human connection to any population and culture anywhere in the world.

Cross-Cultural Design

To create concepts that meet the needs of specific cultures, we first need to put people back at the core of communication strategy and creative thinking.

Ethical Design

The creators’ responsibility is to put reason before emotion without selling only a dream but meet a real need. Being ethical is a matter of creative conviction, respect and trust.

About us

Le Design Room is an on-line workspace
It brings together a multicultural team of communication professionals. It is a meeting place for talent and skills sharing where ideas merge and concepts fit together to complete large-scale projects with incomparable originality.


Working conditions evolve with the disappearance of time and space barriers via new information technologies. The design room aims at meeting the needs of its clients by developing a specific organization based on an Internet collaboration. Therefore, our network of professionals presents a cultural diversity whose open-mindedness makes it possible to bring communication solutions that make the difference.


Through Internet communication, our ideas are shared and developed in real time. We choose our co-workers according to their skills and experiences according to the sectors of activity of our clients and the specificity of the projects submitted to us. Far from being disembodied, this virtual collaboration strengthens the group’s cohesion and places everyone at the heart of a professional challenge and a desire for performance.


Le Design Room takes into account the person, the creative product, the creative process and the environment where the act of creation takes place. An on-line collaboration makes it possible to choose one’s place of work where ever it is. If we agree that the environment influences well-being and contributes to the quality of work, Le Design Room becomes an ideal setting where each designer chooses his or her workplaces to reveal the best of each. It means that we work better when we are happier.

Our services

Design becomes global and must consider each culture as a tribute to difference.
Communication that reflects the world diversity can only be more beautiful, smarter and fairer.

Graphic design is the heart of the design room.

To understand the importance of graphics in communication, it is necessary to remind that graphics does not depend on any other specialty of design while everything depends on graphics.

If art meets the exclusive need of the artist to convey his own messages, Graphic design is useful art, applied art that meets a client’s needs to find a better way to communicate through the artist’s graphic talent and expertise.

However, can graphic design be described without mentioning the designer him- or herself when we know that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci used to work on orders according to specifications. Their art necessarily went through a graphic design of geniuses at the service of their clients.

  • Accurate analysis
  • Relevance of proposals
  • Clarity of the presentation
  • Aesthetic value
  • Accuracy
  • Rigor

For the creation of the strategic axes of communication Le Design Room mobilizes experts who have all managed projects as clients at some point in their professional lives. They represent the voice of the client in the work teams. They provide a perfect understanding of the existing issues through their ability to listen as well as their observation and analysis skills.

In Le Design Room motion design is called “Sesame”. It brings the creator closer to his/her natural way of imagining things in motion just like thoughts are the inner film that drives everyone’s thinking. Motion design is the combination of sounds, graphics, colors and movement that summarizes the essence of messages by giving them a soul.

Technique alone does not replace the graphic control necessary to achieve the layout of a website that works. Le design room collaborates with web designers whose job is to create dynamic templates that we customize based on the needs according to business and visual identity of our clients. Our creations are thus beautiful and unique.

If Graphic design puts together the signs, the Event design is the art of staging a space, an event, a showroom or a stand … The public is no longer confronted in a kind of face to face with what they see, it goes into the very heart of what surrounds it. It is immersed in a living and concrete physical image that extends the emotions into the third dimension.

The combination of a visual identity associated with its musical composition allows a sensory recognition magnified by sight and hearing at the same time. The visual rhythm then echoes the tempo of the music which becomes a graphic and sound unit. It is a sort of identity choreography that goes well beyond the stage of the show because it is exported via the media regardless of the chosen targets.

How we work

Strategy consulting & Global design
In close collaboration with its clients, Le Design Room defines the operational marketing plan to be followed in order to work in a coherent manner, from the choice of targets to the choice of communication media that we design.

Marketing strategy

We make the diagnosis of a situation to define the objectives and develop the marketing plan

Marketing plan

We plan communication actions in order to achieve the desired goals

Operational marketing

We determine the necessary media based on targets and messages


We design all the communication tools to carry out the marketing plan

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